“Paralyzed, paralyzed, so messed up can’t open my eyes.” J. Green In normal circumstances, I’m mid bop, with my hands in the air, singing this song at the top of my lungs. However recently, this lyric takes on a whole new meaning for me. (For my non-Tampa peeps, click HERE to listen…Saints this song ain’t […]

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What do you do for a living?

Six months ago I would have answered this question with pride, “I am a Marriage and Family Therapist.” Now, I am seized by nerves because I am unemployed. I feel even more conflicted because I am technically fulfilling the role of housewife right now. So why does this bother me? It’s because when I am […]

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Moving, Adjusting, and all the things.

Adjustment is hard. Plain and simple. It requires you to leave comfort behind, and step into this awkward, and sticky place called transition. You experience feelings of doubt, insecurity, and everything in you screams for stability. I am all too familiar with this, because two months ago I moved to New York City. The husbae […]

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